Below are the examples of the sort of work we do and what we can help your organisation achieve.

Direct Marketing

You want to contact your customers regularly to communicate your new products, special offers and company news, but you aren’t sure how to attack the problem, or haven’t got the time to write publications, analyse your database to target special offers, manage the mail shot, or follow up.

We can take over the whole process for you, from ensuring your customer database is up to date, planning you direct marketing activities for a given period, preparing and producing the letters, catalogues or brochures and managing distribution.

On the other hand you might need to identify a new market to test a new product concept. We can research the current market space and identify potential customers to build a new database. We will then project manage your mail shot for you.

Should it be more cost - or time - efficient to contract out some of the more labour intensive activities we will always highlight it in our recommendations to give you the best value for money.

Brochure, Catalogue and Leaflet Production

Creating new literature, either because you have new products, are changing your brand image, or targeting your offering to new markets, can be time consuming and tedious. It is also very important, as it might be the first time a potential customer discover your company and / or products, and first impressions are the most important.

We will work with you to develop the material about your products, then manage our tried and tested network of graphics agencies, printers and distributors to get your message to your customers.

We will provide you with end to end project management so you will be able to concentrate on running your business.


You need to plan your marketing strategy for the coming year; you have objectives you want to achieve. What are your options, what are the best ways to promote yourself, what are your competitors doing, how much is it going to cost, how will you know what works?

We will prepare a full 1-year marketing plan with a full timetable to guide you throughout the year, including performance monitoring tools, and a budget planner.

We will implement the plan for you or help you to implement it through a retainer contract. This will ensure that it is carried through and therefore your organisation's sales and marketing activities are working hard to help your business meet its strategic objectives.

Corporate Image Branding

Over time your image you portray may change giving a tired or disjointed message to your customers. We can help you rebrand your image giving a fresh and consistent look and feel to your customers.

We have already helped our other customers refresh their retail spaces by designing and producing new signage, banners, point of sale material and corporate stationary and we can do the same for you.

We will leverage our global network of graphic designers, web designers, signage printers and packaging manufacturers to give your brand a lift and provide you with a refreshed or rebranded image at competitive prices.


Do you have products that are not selling as well as they used to because other traders are undercutting? As a result you find yourself needing to cut your prices to remain competitive but decreasing your margins?

We can help! We source products for you at lower prices allowing you reduce your costs and trade at more competitive prices.


Direct marketing, brochure catalogue and leaflet production, planning, corporate image branding and sourcing

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